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Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to the contractual relationship between SelecTeam GmbH (hereafter referred to as SelecTeam) and its clients (hereafter referred to as client/s). Deviating definitions are only valid if acknowledged specifically and in writing by SelecTeam.

1. SelecTeam's Services and Responsibilities

  1. SelecTeam offers its clients Internet services on a high quality level, nationally and internationally. Content and scope of these services are determined by the description of services on the JobMarket and are technically up-to-date. SelecTeam provides its services thoroughly and professionally. SelecTeam's services are presented on the publicly accessible Internet. Therefore, SelecTeam can neither guarantee the uninterrupted availability nor the accuracy of the presentation of its services. SelecTeam's liability as related to this contract is limited to intentional misconduct or grave negligence. The responsibility for any resulting damage is precluded.

  2. SelecTeam accepts the placement wishes of its clients without obligation and considers these within the limits of its available resources. Placement wishes are liable to additional cost and only binding upon agreement. The advertisement's failure to appear, or its placement in another spot than that requested, do not justify a claim for damages. SelecTeam is merely obliged to arrange for the subsequent correction of the error or omission.

2. The Client's Responsibilities

  1. The client declares herewith his intention to use the services and products offered by SelecTeam as available at the time of placement of the order.

  2. The client is fully responsible for the content of his advertisements. He is obliged to publish via SelecTeam only legally correct advertisements and to refrain from any advertisements with racially discriminating, agitating, pornographic and other ethnically and personally offensive contents. SelecTeam reserves itself the right to remove from its offer, without previous warning and justification, any advertisement not conforming to these requirements. The client is obliged to keep SelecTeam free of any third-party claims related with advertisements the client is responsible for, if SelecTeam notifies the client within twenty (20) days of any such claim made by a third party. Any damage to be compensated also includes the professional legal defence of SelecTeam.

  3. By placing an order the client agrees to the placement of his advertisement on SelecTeam's Internet platform as well as on those of SelecTeam's partners.

  4. The client is obliged to treat confidentially the user names and passwords made available to him and to make same accessible exclusively to authorized persons within his organization.

3. Terms of Payment

  1. SelecTeam invoices are due ten (10) days after the date of invoice.

4. Liability

  1. The place of fulfilment for services to be rendered by SelecTeam as per this contract is its business domicile in the city of Winterthur, Switzerland.

  2. SelecTeam is authorized to delete and/or destroy the data and the documents received to perform its tasks three (3) months after issuing the placement of an advertisement. Inasmuch as the client wishes to have these documents and/or data returned, he has to inform SelecTeam of same in writing.

5. Changes in the Contract

  1. SelecTeam reserves the right to alter or update these Terms & Conditions. The corresponding changes will be published in the website www.JobMarket.ch and come into force thirty (30) days after the date of issue.

6. Applied Law and Place of Jurisdiction

  1. The laws applied to the contractual relationship between SelecTeam and its clients are those of the country of Switzerland. The place of jurisdiction is Winterthur, Switzerland. SelecTeam is authorized to have the client summoned to its domicile.

Winterthur, 1. April 2020
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